Brand is not a logo. It is culture; spun in webs of significance. We research consumers and employees to unmask these webs of significance with proprietary discovery techniques.

The bases of a successful company are delighted customers and dedicated employees. We draw on research at the confluence of cultural anthropology, neurobiology, and cognitive psychology to know what motivates a customer or an employee.

We delve in the dimly-lit, unchartered territories of the reptilian complex using ethnographic approaches to understand cultural imprints of the mental structure of the unconscious and non conscious reference system. We transform modern neuroscientific approaches into state-of-the-art branding strategies where we measure activity in the brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) or electroencephalogram (EEG) to gain insight into the emotional and mental processes that govern decision making and information processing. The EEG provides a millesecond-by-millisecond precise measurement of brain activity, where as fMRI locates activity on the brain with millimeter precision. Using both research methods allow us a deeper understanding of consumer/employee behavior. We also use eye tracking, psychophysical, and other biometrical measurements to instill intelligence.

We provide you with objective results through sound scientific research. The development of customized solutions is our strength. Our analyses are based on proprietary algorithms which enable predictions of population with high accuracy and statistical confidence so that clients get a tangible recommended course of action.

We also use positivist approaches from conjoint analytics to syndicated social research methods to analyze and interpret human behavior. For instance, we designed and developed PQ™ (Passion Quotient), an assessment based on thirty years of global research for anyone embarking on their personal journey to maximize their talents and skills. The cross-sectional survey prioritizes sixteen different attributes in six categories. The output for research participants is an eyeopener for both the employee and the supervisor. Owing to its popularity, we included the PQ assessment with an option of having one-on-one sessions with a Leadership Coach to review the results and create a plan of action for general public.

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