The bases of a successful company are delighted customers and dedicated employees. Our holistic approach encapsulates in knowing what motivates a customer to buying a product and what motivates an employee in keeping a customer delighted.

Today’s business leaders recognize a very distinct “ebb and flow” of a wave influencing choices. In the last decade, we have been developing a host of tools at the confluence of neurobiology, cultural anthropology, and cognitive psychology that give business leaders a peeping hole into the reptilian complex. The lizard brain, as we call it, harbors vast riches in still largely unmapped areas immersed in deep emotions (storehouse of passion), traditions, values, and culture. Leaders, executives, and managers who see advantage in wandering into this dimly-lit treasure trove are richly rewarded with the keys to brand success. We do the dirty job of discovering so that our clients can become more intelligent about their customers and their employees.

Though for this long dominant model of influencing behavior assumed that people make decisions based on an objective analyses of available information, we fundamentally depart from such traditional approaches to understand the nonlinear information processing and behavior decision models of how a customer or an employee emotionally appraises stimuli. We are committed to bringing this industry-changing knowledge in behavioral sciences to application. We have executed highly successful behavior change projects across a wide variety of industry domains covering financial services, insurance, consumer product goods, automobile, retail/e-tail, entertainment, sports, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, energy, and technology.