Our people make us different. Different because we think like business partners, not academic advisors. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our success to their success.

All consultants seem the same. They say the same things. They have similar education and experience; their resumes identical. Their gray suits indistinguishable. And, finally all of them proclaim of one-team attitude to break down silos, emphasizing trust and tolerance for diverging opinions. The points of parity quickly vanishes when clients evaluate their engagement philosophy and consulting approach.

Main people are well-traveled. You must see our passports. Main people are well-seasoned. You must see the hair on our pate. We’ve all worked at so-called top-end agencies and Fortune 100 companies, with big teams and held senior positions. We came together to create Main because we were over the nonsense that came with bigness.

We are a group of cultural anthropologists, neurobiologists, cognitive psychologists who are armed with advanced degrees in business. We break our consulting and training adventures to nurture the next generation of managers and leaders; we are affiliated with premier business schools and teach second-year MBAs courses in strategy, marketing, leadership, and branding.


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Sudio is a recognized brand strategist and consumer behaviorist. He uncovers non-conscious motivations that reorganize consumer thought and behavior to help clients drive impact through more effective use of their brand, design, innovation, and marketing assets. He teaches advanced MBA courses in marketing at premier b-schools in three continents of the world. He is a sought-after keynote speaker in emerging paradigms of brands and branding.


Twitter: @PQAssessment
LinkedIn: KimKersten

With thirty years of award-winning sales management and executive and managerial-training experience, Kim knows what brand-based elite productivity looks and smells like—and how to cook it to order for loyalty, advocacy, and profitability. His passion is eliciting passion in people to transform them not only into top performers through personal coaching, but also as brand ambassadors with a deep focus in meaning and integrity. As the Director of Internal Branding, Kim leads in result-yielding employee engagement programs to grow or revitalize your corporate brand.


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TED speaker, leadership guru, and Main’s Director of Brand Leadership, Ben is a growth catalyst who focuses on creating, dissipating, communicating, and delivering brand value for corporate performance and organizational development. Ben is a published thought leader and his book, Legacy Forward Made Easy, is considered a groundbreaking discussion on leadership. Ben holds academic faculty position at the W.P.Carey School of Management in Arizona State University.